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About Us

There are many cleaning companies out there, each of them offering an apparently better service than the next one. So what makes Local Clean Stratford stand out from the crowd? In a nutshell – many things. However we have no time or desire to put people to sleep with over-elaborate pieces of writing about how and why we do things better than the rest. It will suffice to say that we do better where it counts most.

If we were to point out which aspects of our work mattered most and made all the difference when it came to providing clients with an exceptional quality service which is actually worth it, it would be these:

  • Punctuality and reliability – these two little things are essential for us as a professional business operation. We know that people will not wait on a business partner who doesn’t come through with the goods or doesn’t deliver on its promises. With us though there is no chance of that happening because we listen to what people need from us, and actually take the time to work out the most efficient and affordable way to meet their requirements without delays or unnecessary hassles. What we say we do – no exceptions. Rest assured that your property cleaning needs will be taken care of properly regardless of how basic or complex the job at hand.
  • Professionalism and attention to detail – it’s not just doing what needs to be done, it’s also how it’s done that makes a tremendous difference. We pride ourselves on professionalism on all levels of our work, and attention to fine detail. Working with us is straightforward, hassle-free exercise. We organise and provide a seamless, streamlined service without any guesswork. Our individualised approach toward customer care, price forming and service provision will make life easier for all. Whether you need to book a service right away, amend an existing service or simply postpone or cancel a booked clean-up just let us know and we will make it happen – no fuss, no delays.
  • Adequate customer care – we believe that looking after our most valuable assets i.e. our customers comes before all else. In light of this we maintain and provide punctual, attentive and reliable customer care service. Our friendly and knowledgeable advisers will gladly provide all the information and assistance you need to make your service experience with us a better one.

We look forward to working together!