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After Builders Cleaning

If you have just finished a home renovation or an office refurbishment, you are probably not looking forward to the next step – cleaning and organising the property. You are in great luck because we, from Local Clean Stratford, offer a professional after builders cleaning service in Stratford. It is inexpensive, convenient, time-effective and accessible for a wide range of customers.

Why use our efficient after builders cleaning

Cleaning after builders can be an incredibly time-consuming job but by using our reliable after builders cleaning in Stratford you will not have to waste a minute of your day. We employ trained and skilled cleaning technicians who will clean an area in your home or office or even the whole property in a speedy yet remarkably thorough way. But even if you have enough time on your hands, you will struggle to achieve the excellent results that we can offer you. As a licensed and renowned cleaning business in London, we have an impressive arsenal of cleaning equipment which varies from pressure washers to industrial vacuum cleaners, top-performance scrubbers and sweepers and more. That allows us to sanitise all kinds of surfaces and deep clean any types of carpets, upholstery furniture and etc. Another great advantage that our comprehensive after builders cleaning services in Stratford has is that it comes at a very budget-oriented price. We will estimate your costs in advance and provide you with a personalised quote.

What are different stages of cleaning process

We always advise our clients to book us only after the builders have completed their work in the property because the cleaning process cannot be carried out if the construction project is still in progress. It is also best to schedule your insured after builders cleaning in Stratford about a day after the builders have left. That will leave enough time for the dust to settle down, allowing our trustworthy and polite cleaners to better do their job.

Before we start sanitising your home or office, we will also do a meticulous on-site inspection to see the exact proportions and scope of the project. Once we do that, we will be able to give you an exact estimate of your expenses, as well as to decide things like the size of the cleaning team, the type of equipment that we will use and etc. The actual cleaning process includes deep cleaning all affected areas on the property, removing paint spots and polishing surfaces and floors. Call and book us now.