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Commercial Cleaning

Even if a company offers a very special product or service to its customers, it can easily lose the trust of its client base if it does not keep its work premises clean. To help you maintain a spotless image, Local Clean Stratford has developed one of the most trusted commercial cleaning services. Book us and you will be rewarded with exceptionally high quality and scandalously low prices.

Speedy and result-focused commercial cleaning

This may sound like a cliché but for any business time is money. That is namely why we are not here to waste your time. We employ vetted and skilled commercial cleaning technicians in Stratford that never fail to find the fastest and most effective solution. They do work in an extremely timely fashion but not in a slipshod manner. Quite the opposite, since our personnel are incredibly responsible and they always comply with every single quality and safety standard. We are also ready to adapt to the needs of each of our customers. That is why you can hire us on regular workdays or on weekends and bank holidays. Even appointments scheduled after regular business hours are not a taboo for us. We are available whenever we are needed and our prices are always moderate and fair.

Our modern equipment has no match

Offices, shops or restaurants – we can help you by cleaning many different commercial properties. We have an impressive selection of commercial cleaning machines among which are up-to-date pressure washers, reliable steam cleaners, powerful polishers, furnishers and etc. We will bring the necessary equipment, tools and supplies to the site and we won’t bother you not even for a second. Our courteous and attentive staff has been trained to work quietly and without disturbing your piece or the work process in the property. Therefore, in most of the cases, you and your team will not even need to cease working.

Clients have the opportunity to hire us for partial or full commercial cleaning. In both of these cases, we will arrive fully-equipped. In order to make our commercial cleaning flexible for Stratford clients and also more efficient, we like to organise property viewings before sending a team of our certified and helpful pros. Such viewings allow us to properly assess the character and the size of the job, as well as to discuss any specific requirements and requests that the client may or may not have for us.