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Graffiti Removal

Graffiti attacks are a common thing in big cities like London. If you woke up to find your home, office, shop or restaurant covered in graffiti, don’t panic. We have a solution that is quick, cheap and effective – our trusted graffiti removal service in the Stratford area. Give us a call and we’ll send you vetted graffiti removal specialists.

Professional solution against graffiti attacks

Unless you want to damage the affected exterior of your property, don’t even think of handling graffiti attacks on your own. We provide effective removal of graffiti, that will not harm the surface of the building. Our diligent and motivated cleaners can treat many different types of exterior surfaces including wood, stone, metal and brickwork. We have professional cleaning products that can only be purchased from specialised industrial cleaning stores and they are eco-friendly and free of aggressive chemicals. We use our green graffiti removal supplies together with water and pressure washers to eliminate all types of graffiti from both soft and hard surfaces.

Reliable graffiti protection

In case the graffiti attacks are regular, our customers are also able to ask our competent graffiti removal team in Stratford for an efficient graffiti protection solution. We offer two basic types of anti-graffiti treatment. The first of them is a temporary one. It involves the application of a special wax coating on the targeted surfaces. The coating itself is non-hazardous and it won’t damage the exterior of the building. When a new graffiti attack occurs, our insured and qualified experts will come and completely remove all traces of vandalism in a matter of a few minutes using only a pressure washing machine. Once they are ready, they will apply a new temporary coating on the surfaces.

The second type of graffiti protection we offer is permanent. Our friendly staff will apply a different type of breathable coating that does not require any additional reapplication. It is a long-term anti-graffiti solution that is not affected by things like snow, rain, sun or wind.

Competitively priced graffiti removal services in Stratford

Even if the entire exterior of your housing property or your office building is covered in graffiti, you will find our prices remarkably affordable. Our speedy graffiti removal is carried out in a highly efficient manner. That and our low rates, transparent pricing policy and custom-tailored quotations, guarantee that you will enjoy inexpensive removal of graffiti in Stratford.