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Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning upholstery furniture to perfection is impossible if you are not armed with professional equipment. Even if you regularly vacuum-clean your upholstery, it will never be as clean as new… unless you choose to use our high-quality upholstery cleaning services. We have never let down a single customer because we always invest all of our efforts, dedication and passion in every job we take on.

Comprehensive upholstery cleaning

The name of our company has become synonymous of affordable upholstery cleaning. But even though we have some of the lowest rates in London, we will provide you with an all-round service. We will begin by organising a thorough on-site screening during which our seasoned cleaning technicians will inspect the upholstery furniture that you have asked to be sanitised. Our remarkably friendly and diligent staff will determine the exact material of the upholstery and they will develop an individual cleaning plan for you that will specify all the cleaning products, machines and methods that will need to be used for optimal results. Since our team is made up of experienced and qualified pros, this process will only take a short amount of time. Once it is over, our personnel will commence with the actual cleaning of the upholstery furniture. One of our company policies is to offer customers cleaning solutions that will not threaten their health. So, you have our word that no chemicals or toxic products will be applied on your upholstery furniture pieces. Instead, we will use eco-friendly and non-aggressive supplies.

Long-terms benefits of using our reliable services

By hiring Local Clean Stratford to sanitise your upholstery, you will have the chance to enjoy outstanding service quality at a budget-friendly price. Also, the techniques which we use will make the upholstery furniture in your home or office to look as good as new. Our well-recommended and client-focused upholstery cleaning in Stratford also includes stain removal and it works like a charm on numerous types of upholstery materials including leather, wool, linen, damask, cotton, polyester and more and it covers everything from footstools and loveseats to sofas. We will offer you inexpensive deep clean solutions that will easily eliminate unpleasant odours, stains of a variable character, animal hair, built-up dust, dirt, pollens and etc. On average, we have estimated that our insured upholstery cleaning services in Stratford can increase the lifespan of your furniture by up to the staggering 50%.