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We provide carpet cleaning solutions in Stratford

To ensure that all of our customers are completely satisfied with the work we undertake, we provide a customer satisfaction guarantee. Our expert engineers who specialise in carpet cleaning are fully equipped to provide excellent upholstery cleaning as well. Our extensive experience backs up our excellent reputation; we really are number one within Stratford.

We have developed and use on a regular basis a unique patented carbonating process that provides great results. Detergents and soaps are known for leaving a nasty coating on both furniture and carpets; however, our carbonated cleaning system will remove any level of grime and dirt without the need for chemicals and soaps, ensuring your furniture stays at its best for years to come.

The quality services we provide are reflected in our large customer base of both commercial and domestic clients. We ensure that we leave all of our customers completely satisfied to ensure that they carry on choosing our quality cleaning services time after time. Our professional carpet cleaning engineers are here to help you, so for more information call now

Local Clean Stratford is a professional business operation providing high quality but cost effective cleaning solutions which deliver excellent results at excellent prices. Our expertise and technical capacity allow us to deal with a wide range of general and specific requirements for private and business clients. We are just as effective in our basic one off treatments as we are on complex, full scale cleaning jobs – no margin for error, no delays or unnecessary fussing about. Using our exceptional quality cleaning services in Stratford is quick, easy and hassle-free. The booking process is streamlined and easy to follow – our helpful and knowledgeable assistants will walk you through each step in a friendly, relaxed manner, no fuss. We are well aware that clients have varied needs and wants when it comes to cleaning so we have left our services open for customisation. Private and business clients can modify the selected service as per their individual needs. A host of handy additional options can also be included in the clean-up at very reasonable prices. Many of our cleaning solutions can be requested as fixed schedule / regular services on weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis. We are open for business seven days a week, including bank holidays.

Brief description of our bestselling services

  • Carpet Cleaningprofessional grade steam cleaning for your carpets. Safe and suitable for all types of natural and synthetic fibre carpets – will not affect comfort or visual properties of carpets. Methods we use are highly effective in lifting and removal of soiling, stains and odours. The cleaning process can be performed safely on a regular basis. Use of industry certified equipment by trained and experienced technicians. We will clean a medium size bedroom carpet to a perfect finish for just £22!
  • Sofa & Upholstery Cleaningspecialised cleaning for more delicate fabrics and material finishes. The process removes safely and effectively stains, odour and soiling from a variety of fabrics and material finishes (no leather). There is no risk of damage or alteration to dimensions, colour fastness or any other material properties. Again, the cleaning process can be carried out successfully on a regular basis. Have a two seater sofa cleaned professionally for only £30!
  • Mattress Cleaningdon’t underestimate the importance of a clean and sanitised mattress. A properly cleaned mattress ensures healthier bedroom hygiene and a better night’s sleep. Our specialised mattress cleaning delivers deep, long lasting hygiene as opposed to superficial treatments. Excellent when it comes to eradication of odours, bacterial and fungal spores. The equipment we use allows for quick and effective cleaning on all sides of the mattress. We recommend having mattresses steam cleaned professionally at least once every six months. We will clean a double mattress for just £32!

More services for you to choose from!

Besides our main selection of cleaning treatments, we also specialise in a range of additional services, available separately or in combination with any other service we have in store. As always we ensure best possible results at the best possible price. Read on for more information:

  • Curtain Cleaning we have the skills and expertise to clean delicate curtain fabrics to a perfect finish without risk of damage like tearing, shrinkage or other. Suitable for all size and type drapery the process is safe and effective, removes stains and odours without risk of damage. We clean half-length pair of curtains for £17, and full length pair of curtains for £23!
  • Pressure Cleaning – specialised jet wash suitable for a host of surfaces and materials. Ideal for heavy duty driveway, patio, decking etc. cleaning. Cannot be performed on loose/broken surfaces. Removes residue, most staining, organic growth etc. without affecting the surface below. Pressure washing starts at £2 per square metre – minimum charges apply.

Quality results delivered by experienced staff

Because we want to provide a genuinely good service which is worth customers’ time and money we have made sure our staff and equipment are up to scratch. We employ skilled and experienced cleaners who know their work inside out. On top of that we train our staff extensively in the safe and efficient use and application of professional grade cleaning systems (gear and materials). This ensures consistently good results and helps us reduce the end cost of our services.

Why we think professional cleaning is great

We think professional cleaning services are a great solution in more ways than one. Save yourself a ton of hassles and unnecessary expenses with our treatments, here are some advantages to consider:

  • No need to spend and stock up on cleaning supplies – our cleaners can bring their own;
  • No need to waste valuable free time in endless and tedious cleaning chores;
  • Our services deliver excellent results at excellent prices – value for money all round;
  • Deal with tricky/specific cleaning chores quickly and effectively – we know how;